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We are dynamic team with Industry Experience 

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This team understands YOU are the customer. We have a working knowledge of your market and we are able to relate to your employees. We have held form coils in our hands, bruised our shins on motor shafts walking through shops, felt the floor vibrate from the test run of an unbalanced motor, felt the heat and know the smell of a burn-out oven, and we will be impressed by the size of your VPI tank.

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We Provide:

  • QueueBI Sys, an ERP solution for service repair companies.
  • QBI Cubes, an OLAP data cube for rapid data analysis (integrated with the Master System and QueueBI Sys).
  • Software support for the Master System (versions 6.0 through 9.5).
  • We are a BASIS International Preferred Partner and Authorized AddonSoftware Reseller.

QueueBI Sys

Your Queue for Business Intelligence. Beginning in 2022, our initial development for QueueBI Sys will provide an upgrade path for Master System users with a "hybrid installation". Click for more information.

Support Plan

For the ACS Master System (versions 9.0 and below), including systems deemed obsolete by the original dealer. Support Plans cover all labor services (system support, modifications, training, consulting, stc.)

QBI Cubes

An OLAP Data Cube for rapid data analysis. Replaces almost 90% of all Master System reports with convenient export of data to multiple formats. Get your data, how you want it, when you want it, without the need for customized reports.

Our Services

Service you can trust  

Retainer Plan

Manage large projects over the course of a few months with a retainer plan, reduced billing rates, and banking hours for your project.

Alert Messaging

A simple interface tool to manage event oriented alerts or regularly schedule reporting sent directly by email or SMS text from the Master System.


Master System Form printing in Excel! Your forms, your way. Easy form layouts in Excel, fully integrated with the Master System.


Want to keep your current version of Master? Need a mod? How about an custom upgrade to enhance your current version? Check out our mod list.

Web Services

We offer affordable and convenient web hosting for our client list. Our Web Direct features options to update web content directly from your Master System.

ARS Business Continuity

Full server and data back-up services, server replication, and business continuity plans for catostrophic or disaster recovery. Keep your mission critical business systems running in the midst of a crisis!

We are pleased to partner with and represent:

BASIS International

Our team is only as good as our resources. We found a solid foundation with BASIS International Ltd.

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Technology does not stand still. We partnered with AddonSoftware to make sure when our clients are ready for something new, we will have the best available.

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Customer service is defined by our clients: Tell us your expecations and we'll work to meet or exceed them!